is a creative comedy group; a sketch, improv, stand-up, and acting troupe, based in Bellingham, WA.  Brenda's song, "Wonderful Thing," (as well as Brenda herself) appears in the promotional trailer for their upcoming feature film.  You can view the trailer on their site, and learn more about this very talented group and their many and varied projects.
Bent Pennies
BRENDA'S BOXING LINKS - A series of pictures of Brenda taken by photo-journalist Dawn Villella for the St. Paul (MN)  Pioneer Press, while Brenda was training for the first women's US national amateur championship tournament  in 1997.  To view the complete (front page!!) article, you can visit the Pioneer Press website at     Search the archives using the advanced archive search for "Brink, Brenda" - "show best matches first".  The "She Packs A Wallop" article from the July 15, 1997 edition is available - unfortunately, they will charge you $2.95 for it (but you can look at the pics on Dawn Villella's site for free).  Just a quick comment here from Brenda, who says, "I believe I was misquoted in the headline.  I didn't never use no double negative." - An article in the University of Minnesota's student newspaper about the growing popularity of women's boxing in 1997, featuring quotes from Brenda'and her coach, Bill Kaehn, both of whom were interviewed for the article.

1997 USA Boxing National Amateur Championships list and bios of competitors
- just what it says.


Zup's - Zupancich Brothers, Inc. - Zup's make the most delicious Polish sausages I have ever tasted in my life.

*Please remember that Brenda Brink is not a mental health professional, nor has she played one on TV, so,
for reliable online information and advice about mental health issues, go to:
Pandora's Collective
is a Vancouver, BC-based registered charity, established to promote literacy
  and self-expression in the community.  They strive to provide a safe and
  inspiring environment for writers of all ages.
Melodies in Mind
Melodies in mind is a folk music radio program with live performers every week, including a feature performer and a four-act song circle.  Melodies in Mind is interested in promoting musical talent and building community in Greater Vancouver.  Socially aware host Ryan Fletcher loves his folk music and loves a good time.  That's why listening to Melodies in Mind Tuesday 8:00-10:00 PM on CJSF 90.1 is so damn fun.